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Inside the wardrobe you can change the body features and clothing of your character

You can change the parameters in these categories:
  • Gender, choose between man or woman.
  • Features, change your facial features.
  • Hair, change your hairstyle and hats.
  • Upperbody, choose between suits to t-shirts.
  • Lowerbody, change pants and skirts.
  • Feet, change your footwear.
Main Buttons:
  • Lobby button, takes you back to the lobby (dont forget to save!).
  • The snapshot camera button, take a picture of your unique character.
  • The change camera view button, press to change the viewing angle.
  • The rotate arrows buttons, rotates your character.
  • Full body camera button, brings back the camera to the full body pose.
  • Save, saves your current character to server.
  • Revert, resets all the changes you have made since your last save.
  • Default, Sets your male or female character to the casino default.

Color sliders:
  • Every piece of clothing can have its own color, change the color, intensity & brightness of your fabric.
Random buttons:
  • Press the left random button to scramble your selection. Press the right random button to only scramble the amount or color values.

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